Friday, July 22, 2005

Facts so far : The new London attack

from early indications the Devices were Put together in a way "very similar" to the devices used two weeks ago

again we have the use of rucksacks

again the targets are the same (three tube trains and a bus)

there is speculation that the devices used on this attack are from the same "batch" as 2 weeks ago

the devices are "home made"

detailed chemical analysis is taking place to confim that it was "explosive"

the events :

a small explosion reported reported on an unerground train at shepherds bush

at the oval a man is seen running from the scene after witnesses heard a bang on a train

warren street "bang" heard at the front area of the train ,

hackney road . explosion reported on top deck of a bus

the statement has been made that searches for chemical and other agents have been made and "none were found"

apart from that , there is little confirmed at this point


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