Saturday, July 23, 2005

Draft constitution highlights how little has changed

It seem's if you want to change the middle east then the cool thing to do is invade , install a puppet regime and tell them what to do ..

but this doesnt seemed to have worked in the case of Iraq , we announced here previously that the draft constitution being prepared in Iraq seems to be willing to place womens rights in the country in a position even worse then it was under Saddam

now it seems that the US attempts to make the Middle east safer for Israel has also failed , as many already knew , the wounds run much deeper than can be solved by the barrel of a gun

the new draft states that Iraq is willing to allow any person on earth to apply for Iraqi nationality aslong as they comply with a few simple points

(1) he has lived in the country for at least ten years
(2) he has good character and behavior
(3) he has no criminal judgements
(4) and that he is not from Israel

exact quote as follows

"Any individual with another nationality (except for Israel) may obtain Iraqi nationality after a period of residency inside the borders of Iraq of not less than ten years for an Arab or twenty years for any other nationality, as long as he has good character and behavior, and has no criminal judgment against him from the Iraqi authorities during the time of his residency on the territory of the Iraqi republic. "

does it seem to you that after all this time , the Iraq being formed has the potential to be even worse then the Iraq pre 2003

for a full read of the 'draft constitution' click Here (pdf file)


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