Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Iraqi resistance: 'Why we fight'

Call them terrorists, call them resistance fighters. By whatever their name, they have their own reasons for fighting the Americans in Iraq. Abu Ayoub, a 35-year-old living in Baghdad, is a member of the Islamic Army. He spoke in the Adhamiya neighborhood about why he joined the fight.

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Pentagon report said to find killing of Iraqi civilians deliberate

A Pentagon report on an incident in Haditha, Iraq, where U.S. Marines shot and killed more than a dozen Iraqi civilians last November will show that those killings were deliberate and worse than initially reported, a Pennsylvania congressman said Wednesday.

"There was no firefight. There was no IED (improvised explosive device) that killed those innocent people," Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said during a news conference on Iraq. "Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them. And they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. That is what the report is going to tell."

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Friday, May 19, 2006

4 attempted suicides and a riot ( Guantanamo )

Four detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre attempted suicide on Thursday, a US military spokesman has said.In a statement on Friday, the spokesman also said that inmates clashed with guards trying to stop a prisoner hanging himself.

The three other inmates took overdoses in attempting suicide.

Robert Durand, a spokesman for Joint Task Force (JTF) Guantanamo, which runs the camp in Cuba, said on Friday that all four were being treated and their lives were not in danger. Durand said in a statement that JTF guards had responded to a disturbance in a medium-security part of the camp late on Thursday. "A detainee in Camp 4 was preparing to hang himself," he said.

He said that when the guard force entered the compound to intervene, some inmates "attempted to prevent them from rescuing the detainee by using fans, light fixtures and other items as improvised weapons. Minimum force was used to quell the disturbance and prevent the suicide".

The statement also said that, earlier in the day, "three detainees ingested prescription medications that apparently had been hoarded for this purpose".

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United Nations : US 'must end secret detentions'

The US should close any secret "war on terror" detention facilities abroad and the Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba, a United Nations report has said. The UN Committee against Torture urged the US to ensure no one was detained in any secret facility.

The report followed the first US appearance before the committee since the 11 September 2001 attacks. During the hearing in early May, the US neither confirmed or denied the existence of secret prisons.

The US has been holding hundreds of terror suspects arrested since 11 September at facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Cuba. It has been accused of operating secret prisons and transporting some detainees to states which use torture.

The committee also recommended in its 11-page report that the US should:

Register all those it detains in territories under its jurisdiction
Eradicate torture and ill-treatment of detainees
Not send suspects to countries where they face a risk of torture
Enact a federal crime of torture
Broaden the definition of acts of psychological torture
'Investigate and disclose'

The committee said it recognised that the 11 September attacks had caused "profound suffering" to the US and welcomed the US statement that officials from all government agencies were prohibited from engaging in torture at all times.

But it told the US its no-comment policy on the secret facilities was "regrettable" and asked for more information

Source BBC

UN report in full Here (pdf file)

105 Killed In Afghanistan yesterday

Some of the fiercest violence since the Taliban's ouster in 2001 erupted across southern Afghanistan, with militants battling coalition forces, detonating car bombs and attacking a small village. Up to 105 people were killed, officials said Thursday

The violence occurred in Helmand and Kandahar provinces, where 9,000 NATO-led forces are scheduled to deploy this summer to suppress the stubborn insurgency.

The Taliban death toll from fighting Wednesday night and Thursday ranged up to 87, U.S. and Afghan officials said. Also, 14 Afghan police officers, one American civilian, a Canadian soldier and an Afghan civilian also were killed in the fighting, officials said.

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Immigration Plan is Crony Pork Bonanza

Bush is limbering up the federal checkbook to funnel even more millions to masters of war like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, still feasting sumptuously off the bloated corpse of conquered Iraq.

These fine purveyors of contemporary "defense" (who says irony is dead?) will soon string the border with all manner of hugely expensive high-tech gizmonics designed to keep the hemisphere's most desperate and vulnerable people from crossing over to take the slave-wage, no-benefit, no-protection jobs offered to them by, well, Bush's cronies and benefactors in big business and among the wealthy elite (whom he has recently larded with more tax-cut largess).

It's a neat scam, really, a win-win situation: your corporate cronies get even more loot from the public treasury – and they still get the cheap Latino labor that keeps them in clover.

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So will the Musicians of Pink Floyd live long enough to perform at the destruction of this wall ?

Loose Change 2nd edition (video)

This is the entire controversial movie. I present no opinion on this film. I simply show it for those who wish to see it. Much analysis has been done on this film and one or two of the claims made within it have had their accuracy disputed. However other claims within the film can not be disputed and are clearly accurate.

The film was designed to be a work of fiction. But fiction often draws upon real life for it's inspiration. A perfect example of an equally one sided production would be the TV news station Fox. In essence there is no doubt that this film is well worth watching and if you check out much of the history quoted within the film then a frightening understanding of how far a government is willing to stoop becomes most apparent.

Watch it Here

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Real Libya Model

Here is the real story on Libya. A country which the US announced this week has been removed from its list of 'terror states'. Kaddafi cut his deal in 2003 only after the British and Americans assured him that Bush would settle for "policy change"—that is, giving up his nukes—rather than regime change.

Significantly, the agreement went forward only after the British, who took the real lead in the negotiations, insisted to the White House that Bush administration hard-liner John Bolton be barred from the talks.

Bolton, who was then U.S. under secretary of State for arms control, had wanted to add Libya to the "axis of evil," but Jack Straw, British foreign secretary at the time, and David Manning, a top adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair, prevailed on Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell not to do so. Bolton also refused to reassure Tripoli that the United States did not intend regime change—in other words, he sought to take essentially the same uncompromising tack the administration is now pursuing with Iran and North Korea.

The British again resisted, and the White House, which was then (as now) consumed with Iraq, didn't care enough to defy Blair on this one. Reason, for once, prevailed over ideology.

Read the full article here.

Maybe I should rename this article : We have found a formula for how to stop countries like Libya trying to build Nukes and supporting terrorism.

The answer is not hard to work out.

(a) Dump John Bolton along with anyone else who believes they can solve the worlds problems by simply speaking without listening.
(b) Talk to them.
(c) Remember to keep the man named in (a) well away from any such talks.
(d) Cut out all the rhetoric , That includes fictional concepts like 'axis of evil'
(e) Work with the country towards finding a joint solution.
(f) Remember the wise words of Theodore Roosevelt when he said "Speak softly and carry a big stick".

Finally try to remember that you are supposed to be representing freedom, maturity and justice. Not showing the same childish anger as the very countries you want to try and calm down. Such behaviour simply makes you another child and leads us all to a world of rogue nations where being the bully of today is no guarantee that you won't become the bullied of tomorrow. The method that has worked with Libya could work just as well with Iran if we stopped behaving almost as badly as they do.

Of course force is sometimes needed and that is why we have the 'big stick' but you will find the world much more willing to support and join in any such action if your behaviour up to that point is one of a civilized desire for democratic process.

Saying that, we could always revert back to the John Bolton method. Which is to act like the bully boy college kid who has had too much to drink at the party. Shout your mouth of all over the place and then complain the next morning that the party(United Nations) was pointless because nobody ever listens to you and does exactly what you want. (which seems to consist of wanting permission to go round beating up and threatening everyone else at the party).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chavez asserts America is trying to kill him (video)

In an exclusive UK channel 4 television interview, Hugo Chavez asserts that America is trying to kill him. Other subjects covered in this fascinating video include the Venezuelan leader telling the US that it could have its arms back - and stating he will cut off oil supplies to the US if more sanctions are Imposed on his country.

Watch the video Here.

US releases 9/11 Pentagon video (watch it here)

The US justice department has released the first video of the plane crashing into the Pentagon on 11 September 2001.

The release of the video, taken from a Pentagon security camera, comes after a Freedom of Information Act request by legal watchdog Judicial Watch. The group said it hoped to dispel conspiracy theories about the crash.

"Finally, we hope that this video will put to rest the conspiracy theories involving American Airlines Flight 77," president Tom Fitton said. Some theorists have suggested the aircraft was shot down in flight, and that the Pentagon was struck by a missile.

The conservative group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request in December 2004, which was denied a month later, the group says.

The Pentagon said it could not release the videos in question because they were part of an ongoing investigation against al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui, according to Judicial Watch.
Judicial Watch sued the government over its refusal, saying there was "no legal basis" for it.
Government resistance collapsed after a court sentenced Moussaoui to life in prison for his role in the 9/11 attacks, and they agreed to release the video, a Judicial Watch spokeswoman

Now we can watch the video for ourselves and continue our search for the plane . (windows media player required. Video source : BBC)

I have always stated that I am open minded on this a particular aspect of 9/11. I certainly see no real evidence (as yet) in this video to show that this was flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. Neither do I see any evidence in the time lapsed video that it was not flight 77 . So in my view nothing changes and the angle on this tape is even worse .Where is the tape from the garage across the road ? Surely the angle there is perfect and is capable of satisfying the skeptics the believers or those whom sit on the fence (such as me) .

This issue won't go to sleep with 'evidence' like this ....

Btw if anyone does spot the (or any) plane in the video , let us know for all I can see at first glance is smoke.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


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Iraq Sunnis accuse US of "atrocity" over raids

Iraq's main Sunni religious grouping accused U.S. forces on Monday of killing 25 civilians in raids near Baghdad in the past two days, rejecting the U.S. account that only suspected insurgents had died.

"We hold the Iraqi government and the occupiers responsible for this brutal atrocity," the Muslim Clerics Association said in a statement.

The U.S. military earlier on Monday said its forces had killed more than 41 insurgents in and around the villages of Latifiya and Yusifiya, south of the capital, on Saturday and Sunday. It also said a U.S. helicopter was shot down, killing two soldiers.

Two separate U.S. statements on the air and ground raids did not mention any civilian deaths, but said several women and children were wounded.

The U.S. military says al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, uses the area as a staging ground for suicide attacks in Baghdad. It says he aims to incite a sectarian civil war between majority Shi'ites and minority Sunnis.

The Sunni association accused U.S. forces of attacking civilian houses and killing people as they tried to flee.

Read the full article Here.

U.S. Imposes Arms Ban on Venezuela

The United States is imposing a ban on arms sales to Venezuela because of what it claims is a lack of support by President Hugo Chavez's leftist government for counterterrorism efforts, a State Department official said Monday.

The official said Venezuela has been providing a safe haven for the two main leftist guerrilla groups in Colombia. The official spoke only on the condition of anonymity because the arms sale ban had not yet been announced.

We can only assume they mean the US definition of counter terrorism , maybe Chavez should have gone on Television and said 'bring em on' that could have brought him on side.

Monday, May 15, 2006

After seven British deaths in a week, Basra's police chief is linked to terrorists

Fears that Basra is slipping beyond control were fuelled at the weekend when the governor suspended the city's police chief, who is a strong supporter of British attempts to purge the force of militia elements.

Read the full Article Here.

Today in Iraq

At least 65 were Killed ( including 3 marines) In continuing violence right across Iraq. There seems to be no let up what so ever in the Insurgancy and sadly the civil war appears to get worse by the day.

On The political front Saddam Hussein was formally charged by a judge with crimes against humanity but he angrily refused to enter a plea. The case stems from the killing of 148 Shi'ites after an attempt on Saddam's life in 1982 in the village of Dujail.

Source Here

Suicidal troops sent into combat

U.S. military violated own rules on mentally ill troops, newspaper finds

U.S. military troops with severe psychological problems have been sent to Iraq or kept in combat, even when superiors have been aware of signs of mental illness, a newspaper reported for Sunday editions.

The Hartford Courant, citing records obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act and more than 100 interviews of families and military personnel, reported numerous cases in which the military failed to follow its own regulations in screening, treating and evacuating mentally unfit troops from Iraq.

Some service members who committed suicide in 2004 and 2005 were kept on duty despite clear signs of mental distress.

Read the full article Here

How sad that the values we pretend to be fighting for are nonexistent for those making the decisions. This is one big cluster-Enron!

By Blogger thepoetryman, at May 15, 2006 2:56 pm  

go here:

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 15, 2006 4:49 pm  

The military is recruiting the mentally handicapped as well.


By Blogger Hype, at May 15, 2006 6:23 pm  

I simply must point out a statement from the article that I have a hard time understanding.

"Some service members who committed suicide in 2004 and 2005 were kept on duty despite clear signs of mental distress."

Does anybody else find this a bit odd? If a service member committs suicide, I am sure they would have clear signs of mental distress: they're dead!

By Blogger Toby, at May 16, 2006 12:54 am  

LOL they commited suicide during or after conflict the point is that the distress was obvious BEFORE the suicide and could (maybe) of been prevented

Of course if we wish to be real picky you could say that they have no signs of mental distress , they are dead :-)

but it is safe to assume that the assesments were made whilst the soldiers were still living

By Blogger _H_, at May 16, 2006 1:54 am  

you laugh.. thats sick :/

By Blogger nazali, at May 16, 2006 2:52 am  

I laughed at the comment from toby Nazali not the content of the post (I posted it)

Take a look around before you judge me so quickly

By Blogger _H_, at May 16, 2006 4:34 am  

Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators

As yet this story has not been confirmed but the claims from truthout are making it onto the major News wires so we shall have to wait and see.

Fitzgerald served attorneys for former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove with an indictment charging the embattled White House official with perjury and lying to investigators related to his role in the CIA leak case, and instructed one of the attorneys to tell Rove that he has 24 hours to get his affairs in order, high level sources with direct knowledge of the meeting said Saturday morning

Full article over at Truthout.

Let it be so!

By Blogger thepoetryman, at May 15, 2006 3:47 am  


By Blogger R2K, at May 15, 2006 4:29 am  

I love your blog. Keep it up

By Blogger Jesus del Norte, at May 15, 2006 7:33 am  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 15, 2006 9:26 am  

this has to be true. please let it be true!


By Blogger Hype, at May 15, 2006 6:24 pm  

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crying Wolf (Flash movie)

Who is behind the Death Squads in Iraq?

Viewers should be aware that due to the nature of the subject, some images within this movie are of a disturbing nature. The implications of the evidence are even more disturbing.

Watch the Flash movie Here.

how do you embed a video in blogspot?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 15, 2006 5:25 am  

It would help considerably if you enabled "links to this post" - then I would be able to put a link onto one of our blogs at

By Blogger William, at May 15, 2006 5:57 am  

At first i have to thank for this blog to you .Then i have to say that thats American style from the begginning(of the usa)till the end(maybe).Remmember İndians of America(apaches,commanches...),remmember operations in Turkey in 80's and more and more .But my friend as my belief(islam)cruelty doesnt go on on the world,Allah makes them wretched,become misserable(insaallah)
with best regards

By Blogger ertem, at May 15, 2006 9:31 am  

Interesting little movie. Shocking whats happening out there. I think though that civil war is compleltely against the interests of the US, however.

The US can only win when Iraq stabilises. I don't see how they can withdraw troops until then.

By Blogger jonz, at May 15, 2006 2:24 pm  

Withdraw troops? They announced before the war started that they'd be having permanent bases in Iraq.

By Blogger DJEB, at May 15, 2006 3:03 pm  

BushCo doesn't have withdrawl plans. They have plans to build 14 permanent military bases.


By Blogger Hype, at May 15, 2006 6:19 pm  

Picture of the week

Hey, he is "The Decider" so maybe he just decided to show us his superior intellect by reading the book upside down. Remind me again why Ahmadinejad thought that sending Bush a letter was a sensible thing to do. We can only assume the President is still trying to work out which way to hold the paper.

I was reminded of this picture by an article on the blog Today I Think So which kindly links back to Terrorism News

My pet goat?

By Blogger R2K, at May 15, 2006 4:30 am  

nice post !

By Blogger Aakash, at May 15, 2006 5:51 am  

usually i stay off politics, but i just wanna say: bush sucks! :)))

By Blogger 13, at May 15, 2006 8:16 am  

perfect reminder of who this man is.


By Blogger Hype, at May 15, 2006 6:20 pm  

Clashes Erupt Between Two Iraqi Army Units

Clashes erupted Friday between two Iraqi army units following a roadside bombing north of the capital, and Iraqi police said a Shiite solder was killed in an exchange of fire with a Kurdish unit.

The Americans said one soldier from the Iraqi army‘s 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 4th Division was killed and 12 were wounded in the attack.

According to both accounts, the wounded were rushed to the U.S. military hospital in Balad. Police said that when the Kurdish soldiers drove up to the hospital, they began firing weapons to clear the way, and one Iraqi Shiite civilian was killed.

The U.S. account said that an Iraqi soldier from the 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade was killed in a "confrontation" as the other Iraqi troops were trying to remove their wounded. Iraqi police identified the dead soldier as a Shiite. But the U.S. statement did not say what prompted the soldiers to try to take wounded comrades away from a hospital — the best equipped American medical facility in the country. The U.S. said the Iraqi army was investigating the incident.

Source : Here.