Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why Now?

This morning's news carries a story about the retirement announcement of Army Gen. John Abizaid, our top military man in Iraq. Now, having recently predicted retirements of military brass over the disagreement with Bush about his 'surge' brain-fart, I'm not even going to claim this particular retirement to be part of that prediction. Why? Because he filed the paperwork a month ago, according to Reuters, the agency carrying the story.

But, it was about a month ago that we started hearing the 'military surge' theory - right after the elections as I recall. It was also about that time the DC gossip writers said that Cheney would have us in Iran before the year was out - and we still have 11 days to go on that one though it looks as if that may have been a bad guess.

And it was only a day ago that we were told the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff was opposed to the military surge. Not only that, but a few minutes ago Bush told the nation that he wants to expand the military for a 'long term' war on terror. (I guess the option of just not taking the bait has not occurred to him....) So I'm curious about the timing of this announcement. I think it means more than just 'a month to process the paperwork'.

Folks say that "Timing is everything", Sun Tzu says timing is a very important strategic consideration that will reveal much. I'm wondering if Gen. John was just worn out, or if his retirement was REQUESTED a month ago because he opposed the surge concept.

Anybody have any deeper insight than this?


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