Saturday, December 23, 2006

Is Peace Dawning?

After several very dark years, I'm finally motivated to hope for peace in the world after reading this BBC story. Funny, but I haven't seen this announced in the states. I even watched Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night and it wasn't mentioned.

The story suggests that the Neo-Con neo-fascist movement is dying and as good as dead. In fact, they are going to shut down their website, the Project for the New American Century. It is a multi-page site with separate pages for various regions of the world, and 'policy documents' posted in each. LOTS of them. All just what you would expect from the likes of Cheney, Kristol and Wolfowitz. There is also a list of members or staffers. But if these guys are so disgraced now that they are shutting down the website, there may be hope for a future in which we only go to war to actually defend ourselves, not for profits, and in which citizens can feel free from being spied upon and from being 'dissappeared' by their own governement. It's like a smell of fresh air in a sewer right now.

Further hope comes from this Wednesday Yahoo story, in which Jeb Bush reputedly has thrown in the towel on any possible political future. Seems the name "Bush" is guaranteed bad news for any political candidate these days. I'll bet the Bush family Christmas will be full of fireworks this year....

So I have hope - just not too much. I'm old enough to remember Nixon coming back from the political grave several times, once to be president, and even after resigning in disgrace to beat a guaranteed impeachment, the bastard was given an ambassador's position. Seems the puppetmasters (whomever they really are) can resurrect the dead if the dead can still be useful to them.

So I'd say we're not really done with the Bushes when George is kicked out. Look for Jeb to be back like a zombie movie at some point in the future. And as for the PNAC, I'm busy copying everything on their site so that I'll recognize these living dead when they return. They may be dead as a recoginizable organization, but like Nixon, until they are "not only really dead, but really most sincerely dead", they will be back, dressed up as political ingenues like a bunch of ancient whores still trying to turn a trick.


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