Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do you look good naked?

Well, if not you'd better be working on shaving those extra pounds if you're flying to or in the US. The TSA is going to be taking x-ray photos of you if they think you might be hiding anything. (See the snap?) You can clearly see some things - like the apparent full sized pistol on her left hip, her security 'cargo' belt that hides the profiles of her other equipment, the small knife or pistol like accessory on the right hip, and in larger versions of the photo you can make out various details of the woman's body that I'm sure she doesn't want discussed here.

Here's the story on Yahoo News. The photo comes from the AP story on AOL (sorry, I couldn't find it on AP's site for direct linking), which has somewhat more detail. It also states that the details are on the Federal Register site, but of course there is so much there that I couldn't find the details they referred to either. Anyway, if you have time on your hands and want to search for the ATS (Automated Targeting System) info, the Federal Register is here.

OK, so I have a few questions....

1) Do any of us want those TSA employees seeing us naked? Forgive me for answering my own question, but I don't think so.

2) Just who is dumb enough to think the TSA won't be keeping copies of these films? I fully expect them to do it, and to route the 'hot looking' women thru the screening process just for a chance to see them naked. Or maybe the hot looking men, depending on who's at the machine. Is that sexual harassment? Do you really want your naked photos being checked out by Dick Cheney just because you're buff?

3) What is to prevent these films from being leaked? Bush couldn't stop leaks out of his own office, who can say the TSA employees won't be putting you on the web? Remember the Disney Splash Mountain films that got leaked and called 'Flash Mountain' because the security cameras were catching girls lifting up their shirts before the ride cart hit the water? The whole country was voting on who had the best tits, and the girls never new they were on the web. So how long before these show up?

4) By the way, do they know that X-rays have been proven to destroy mitochondrial DNA? The result is that your cells either won't reproduce themselves, or they might reproduce abnormally, creating cancers and tumors and such. The price of cooperation.

5) How long will it be before someone is arrested for refusing to participate? Supposedly if selected for this, you have the option of a few other choices - one of which is a personal groping by a TSA employee. But don't try to refuse either if they insist - it's a felony to "interfere" with a federal security employee in the conduct of their job, and people have already been arrested for simply complaining too loud in public.

On the whole, I'd say this is a very bad idea. I guess I'll just have to travel by car, train or boat. But then, I quit flying long ago over the entire security procedures thing anyway. I value my privacy too much to tolerate these intrusions.


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