Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Food for Thought

OK, so I was reading this editorial over at The Huffington Post, and I felt like I'd been dope slapped. Not that I don't always know this stuff, just that sometimes I tend to let it fade to the back, and RJ Eskow made me bring it forward again. It is actually a very political message, really. So I thought it was worth sharing. It starts off with a revolutionary statement:

"It's 2000 years later and they still haven't been able to kill the revolutionary message of Christmas. God knows they've tried. The Powers That Be will never be comfortable with The Power That Is. That Power - whether you call it God, or Consciousness, or Scientific Principle - is universal and freely available to all.

That makes it subversive to centralized authority. "

It's a good piece, and in my opinion well worth reading for all of us. It applies to everybody, regardless of your religious or non-religious background, regardless of your association with Judaism, Islam, Christianity or what have you. It's a strong message and and a good use of your time - especially since if you're reading Terrorism News you have some political leanings.

And, of course, may your Christmas be merry, (whether its a holy day for you or not) and your life blessed with happiness, peace, prosperity and love.


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