Saturday, July 16, 2005

Somebody hand Cheney dictionary please !

At least 58 people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the town of Musayyib , for those keeping count that is four more then died in London (is this getting coverage on you TV ? )

today's attack comes on the back of a string of others recently

15 July: Suicide bombs kill 16
13 July: Bomb kills 26 children
10 July: 20 army recruits killed
26 June: 35 die in Mosul attack
25 June: Suicide attacks kill 23
20 June: Several attacks, 31 dead
2 June: Multiple bombs kill 24
30 May: 27 dead in Hilla
11 May: 70 dead in Tikrit, Hawija
4 May: Irbil bombing kills 60



on route to suicide

Police in London released this CCTV image of the 4 British suicide bombers at Luton train station , the back backs carry the deadly explosives.

the calm expressions on the faces give no clue that they and 54 others are only hours from death

Friday, July 15, 2005


Nine suicide bombs rock Baghdad

At least 20 people have been killed and almost 100 wounded in a wave of suicide bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital.
The nine attacks across Baghdad used cars and motorbikes loaded with explosives to target security forces.
Iraq's military bore the brunt, with attacks in quick succession on patrols in the north and city centre Here

another major attack inside the claimed safe "green zone" .. did somebody say last throws ?

London Attack . Chemist found, Eygpt and US Linked

The "chemist" who the police claim made the explosives for the London Boming has been arrested (at british request) by the police in egypt

the FBI have been asked by Scotland yard to investigate the claim that Magdi Mahmoud al-Nashar spent time studying at a university inside the US

what the news doesn't appear to be saying (yet) is that the explosives found have been defined as "TATP" the very same chemical's as used by Richard Reed (the shoe bomber) and as yet still undectable by normal scanning methods

A house in leeds (England) has been raided and with trace samples taken and has been confirmed as a match (ie the London bomb's were made at this house) Here

Magdi is under interrogation in egypt by british MI6 officers has denied having any connection to the attacks

Letter from the insurgents

this isnt a news story just my thought for the day

I have come accross a letter to "the british people" from the insurgents in iraq being posted on a large number of web sites since the 8th of july .(the day after the London attack)

the letter does not claim that they had anything to do with the horrific attack's on london the day before ,if they did then i would not be discussing them here and i would be calling the authority's

(whom i am sure already know considering the the first web site that actually did claim responsibilty was closed down within 10 mins of posting) .

I have no more support for what the insurgents do then i do for what the US and UK administrations have done to iraq
(i may understand what motovate's the insurgents but i would never endorse it)

the letter is the what you would expect (the other side of the argument put forward by bush and blair) which doesn't personally offend me here living in London , and i for one see no reason not to publish it

.especially as "freedom of speech" is one of those things we are ment to be defending

but the flip side is however open minded and not easily offended by "words" that i am , i do understand that some people are not able to see the bigger picture

they honestly dont see the connection when we say why is it that the children killed in iraq this week don't get the same coverage as those poor soul's that lost there lives in london . some people find a way to twist and turn that thought into some idea that you just said something bad.

to me that is ignorance . but ignorance is not something we should punish . It hurts alot when you are the victim of "terrorism" i myself had 2 very close calls from bomb's exploded by the IRA and to lose a loved one that way is beyond comprehension.

what doesnt translate in some people is that hurt must be the same from the other side and the families of those that died dont care if it was a terrorist or a cluster bomb fired by the US or British army . they care that someone they love is dead and quiet naturally they hate the side that did it

so out of respect for those that don't understand . i have decided (it wasnt an easy decision) not to publish the letter ( though it is easy to find if you wish to search for it ) and anyone who can't find it and want's the link email me and i will send you a link to a random one of the 200 or so web sites that are already posting it

as an after thought it's a strange world were the publication of "words" risk's creating so much offence but the deaths of thousands of innocent people barely makes it onto the news....

Save your life , wear a uniform

The Iraqi government said Thursday far more civilians than soldiers or police were killed in violence over the first six months of this year.

In June, Interior Minister Bayan Jabr told the AP in an interview that 12,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed over the past 18 months

"We suspect that an average of 100 bodies end up in hospitals every week, none of which are counted or identified,"

last throws ? Here

You Kill , We Kill

Israeli helicopters have fired missiles at targets in the Gaza Strip as what seem's to be a revenge attack after an Israeli woman is killed by a Palestinian rocket . The rocket attack Hamas said was carried out in revenge for the killing of an Islamic Jihad leader by the Israeli army in Nablus. BBC

this tit for tat battle again highlights the urgency of the problem in Gaza but the world governments seem under the constant illusion that this issue will just go away

Thursday, July 14, 2005

"We didn't kill those kids" Al-Qaeda say

Al Qaida in Iraq purportedly issued a statement denying it was behind a horrific attack on a poor east Baghdad neighbourhood that killed 18 children and teenagers.

"We, al Qaida organisation in Iraq, announce that we are not in the least responsible for the New Baghdad operation that took place on Wednesday," said a statement posted and signed by Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, al Qaida spokesman.

as you might imagine this story is a little hard to track down as most of the main media outlets are not reporting it but a few details can be found Here and Here

upadte: more translation from the latest statement

"We in the Organisation of Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia announce that we have no link whatsoever to the operation in new Baghdad, which took place Wednesday,"

"Our way in the Al-Qaeda organisation of fighting the enemies of God, the Crusaders and their tails of (Iraqi) army and police, is well known,"

"Our Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who supervises personally all operations from planning to execution, is very keen on making sure that ordinary people are not targeted,When the Crusaders gathered following the attack, another penetrated the crowd and detonated an explosives-belt"

"'No more Bush-it.' "

A man arrested in downtown Houston last year for carrying a sign criticizing President Bush filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday, accusing police of violating his free-speech rights
Chris Kelly, 43, is suing officer David Weaver, 37, 10 unidentified officers and an unidentified supervisor for arresting him and issuing a misdemeanor citation listing his offense as "Carrying a poster bearing the legend 'No more Bush-it.' "
Kelly, who said he was a salesman before becoming disabled, said Wednesday that he was surprised the officers appeared unaware of the constitutional right to free speech.
"I thought that police officers would be the first ones instructed on understanding that this is one of the gifts our country gives us," he said. Full story here

you know once in a while I have to close my eyes and remember this is the United States of America , Not china or north korea ! how can Bush stand up and say...

"America is a Nation with a mission - and that mission comes from our most basic beliefs. We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire. Our aim is a democratic peace - a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman. "

erm ok george .. you missed the bit about that not applying to the dignity and rights of your own people

it seems we have come along way since Franklin D. Roosevelt said to the american people

"Four freedoms: The first is freedom of speech and expression - everywhere in the world. The second is freedom of everyone to worship God in his own way, everywhere in the world. The third is freedom from want . . . everywhere in the world. The fourth is freedom from fear . . . anywhere in the world."

MOD asks permission to devalue human life

"Can the Government give serious consideration for the British armed services to opt out - like the French forces - from our commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights?"

so we claim we are fighting for freedom and democracy and for human rights .

if we opt out of the convention on human rights we are becoming what we claim we are fighting

since the start of the war in Iraq i have heard far to many stories from credited and respected journalists of innocent people being shot for a simple acts such as hanging their washing out to dry at the wrong time
some nervous soldier shouts "sniper" and next thing the inocent is dead

the only recourse the innocents family has against british forces is the convention (if you are killed by US forces your family has no recourse at all)

If this is what the Ministry of Defence wants then this it what the Ministry of defence will get , of that i am sure

but remember accidents do happen in battle and entire families can be destroyed by the split second reaction of a soldier and without justice why wouldnt that family want to "hit back" at those that did this .

to claim to be defending "human rights" by taking away the "human rights" of those we claim to be defending is orwellian to the extreme

do we really need to explain to those in power the obvious cycle of event's that makes someone turn to extremist actions


Stopping time

Britain , Europe and much of the world will stand still for 2 mins today at midday , planes won't fly , TV's wont broadcast even trains won't move .. just for 2 mins

it's become a tradition and is seen as a moment to reflect and show respect to those that have died (in this case the 52 people killed in the london attack)

I am not one to break tradition and some people do need something like this to be able to move on.
although it has entered my mind of what it would be like if we showed the same respect to everyone in the world who has died in this "war on terror" and after each new death we repeated this gesture , it would be like time standing still . i have yet to understand why Place of birth = value of life .

"There are some things which cannot be learned quickly, and time, which is all we have, must be paid heavily for their acquiring. They are the very simplest things, and because it takes a man's life to know them the little new that each man gets from life is very costly and the only heritage he has to leave"

-Ernest Hemingway

everyone deserves his time . i wonder how many today will pay equal thought to all those needless deaths , in a perfect world they all would Here

British man" Mastermind behind 7/7 attack"

the The times is also claiming that one of the recruit's was a "primary school teaching assistant" .

the normal lives these bomber's led until this point should make you question . why ?

it seem's to some the answer is obvious but for those that are able to influence our policies . they refuse to even make the connection .

The daily News is made up of British politician's claiming they are "shocked" that the suicide bomber's were british and at the same time the British people (as you can see by the lack of reaction in london to the bombing) have been expecting and predicting this since 2002

i cant remember when the gap of understanding between government and people has been so wide as it is now

EMAIL : Karl Rove

Dont just read the news , be the news

If you live in the US and you want to do something ...

goto Daily dissent now

follow the instruction's on how to email Karl Rove , tell him exactly how you feel
(please only do this if your in the US , dont let them claim some kind of outside influence)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Downing street Lists all al-qaeda attacks since 1993

the British government has just released a new document

one day after the confirmation of the first ever suicide bombers to hit western europe ,one day after the tragic news that the London Bombers were home grown .

now maybe i am a little cynical but "they" wouldnt be trying to convince us that there isn't a connection between last thursdays horrific attack and our policy on iraq

it's not like the BBC are saying

"Downing Street are clearly trying to make the point that these attacks were being carried out by Islamic extremists well before the military action in Afghanistan or Iraq"

oops they did say that

of course nobody could claim there is a failure to mention any attacks on Afghanistan or Iraq..

oh .. i see ...

there is no mention of Iraq or Afghanistan at all . hmm maybe we are not fighting "terrorists" there at all

anyway . without further delay lets go straight to Downing street for the latest news

hang on a second Tony ! If there has not been any "significant terrorist attacks" in Iraq or Afghanistan then can all the troops come home ?


"Could a media system, controlled by a few global corporations with the ability to overwhelm all competing voices, be able to turn lies into truth?..."

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

watch now (real player required)Part 1 Part 2

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Is this the democratic freedom we are fighting for ?

"An Arizona Army National Guardsman whose Web log comments have criticized the Iraq war and who has filed papers to run for the U.S. Senate seat held by Jon Kyl, is the subject of a military investigation in Iraq"

its clear to me that freedom of speech means you can say what you want as long as its exactly what we want you to say. read more Here

Did someone say WMD .... at least the Hawks won't have far to invade

New evidence suggests that Soviet agents could have concealed nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction inside the United States and other Western countries

Story Here

They had only just started out in life

26 children , lives ripped apart and all so young , in one day there lives change from the next possible Nobel prize winner to just another statistic

Here And here


no known links to terrorism but tragic none the less .

At least 150 die in Pakistan crash

LAHORE, Pakistan -- Three trains have collided in southern Pakistan Wednesday morning, killing at least 150 people and injuring 800 more, police and railway officials have said CNN

I have been following the story for about an hour and it seems certain that by the time you read this the number of people killed will have grown

Latest US Poll

Washington, Jul 12 (Prensa Latina) A survey carried out by Gallup pollsters revealed 54 percent of the US public believe the invasion of Iraq has made their country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.
According to the poll, 12 percent believed the country was very likely to be attacked in coming weeks, while 43 percent said it was probable, and 53 percent believe it was not worth going to war with Iraq.
The increase in Iraqi rebel actions and US casualties in the Arab nation has triggered harsh domestic criticism, even within Republican ranks.

I dont have any more stat's then this at the moment so i can't tell you how many people were asked or the precise date(s) the survey was taken . So from most angles this info is probably useless (like every other poll ever taken ) but if the Image is anything to go by it's Bert all the way to the Whitehouse and by the look on Bush's Face it does make you wonder if Karl Rove is just out of shot

First Galloway Now Another British Member of Parliament makes connection

CHARLES Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, last night suggested that the "mishandling" of the Iraq war had created an environment for terrorism to flourish.
Politicians in the UK from all the main parties have so far gone to great lengths to avoid linking the London attacks with the war

"We have to recognise the occupation of Iraq by the multinational force itself contributes to the insurgency and attracts those from abroad who see the opportunity to spread violent fundamentalism ... And the terrorists certainly will not shrink from using Iraq to increase resentment and as fodder for recruitment." The Scotsman

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Slowly . oh so slowly the facts begin to click

London Bombs May Have Been Suicide Attacks says ABC 7 News

infact the interesting point in this article is the first mention of a name

"One bomber was thought to be Shahzad Tanweer, a 22-year-old cricket-loving sports science graduate, and another was a teenager, the British news agency Press Association reported"

Jeremy Shapiro, director of research at the center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution, said "europeans had been involved in suicide attacks in the Mideast, but he knew of no suicide bombings in Western Europe previously"

other links around the world to this story
and Here and Here and Here

The Horror in London

Eric MargolisForeign Correspondent / Defense Analyst & Columnist
"We are horrified that anyone would attack innocent civilians packed in subway cars. But the extremists and fanatics who do so say they are exacting revenge for the 500,000 Iraqi civilians who died, (confirmed by the UN), from the ten year US-British embargo of Iraq."

"For the criminal destruction in 1991 of Iraq’s water and sewage treatment plants that cause massive cholera and typhoid. Or for the occupation of Iraq and destruction of the city of Falluja that killed tens of thousands more civilians, and, of course, for Palestine."

"we saw the frightful TV footage from the London bombing but no footage at all of the destruction of an entire Afghan village just days before by the US"

Read in full Here

Thanks for the Link

Stay Informed
Stay Ahead
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London Bombing's key facts at a glance

It is of note that although the british media has jumped on the suicide bomber thread(me included) the actual confirmed facts released by the British Police today are as follow's ... to most in the media reading these facts . the conclusion can only be one thing


All four suspects are British nationals. Three of the four are from West Yorkshire

All four were captured on CCTV at King's Cross station, wearing rucksacks, shortly before 0830 BST on the morning of the attacks. The footage was found on Monday night

One suspect was reported missing by his family. Some of his belongings were found on the No 30 bus in Tavistock Square

Property linked to a second man was found at the scene of the Aldgate/Liverpool Street bomb

Items belonging to a third suspect were found at the site of the Aldgate/Liverpool Street and Edgware Road bombs

It is very likely the three men whose belongings were found at the bomb scenes are dead, police sources say

Questions remain over the identity of the fourth bomber. Police do not know if he was killed at King's Cross or has fled

One man has been arrested in West Yorkshire and is being questioned in London. He is believed to be related to one of the suspected bombers

Police have searched the homes of three of the four suspects in West Yorkshire

Six search warrants were executed in the Leeds area on Tuesday. A controlled explosion has been carried out in the Burley area

A significant amount of explosive material has been found at an address in Leeds

The men boarded a Thameslink train from Luton to King's Cross. A car in Luton, which has been the subject of three controlled explosions, is connected to the inquiry

It is not yet clear how the three suspects from West Yorkshire made their way to Luton

More than 1,000 calls have been made by the public to an anti-terrorist hotline. Police have studied 2,500 CCTV tapes

Arrests over London bomb attacks(breaking news)

Arrests have been made in Yorkshire after the suspected London bus bomber leads anti-terror police to make raids in Leeds and Luton.
In Leeds a controlled explosion was carried out by army bomb disposal experts to gain access to a house, as part of a search of six premises.

Update: "all 4 bombers suicide bomber's" ," all 4 were british"

further update : "bomber's obviously dead" all 4 met up at kings cross at 8:30 am on day of bombing"

houses of the bombers have been raided ... 6 arrest warrent's issued for the rest of the cell .. documents that belong to 3 of the bomber's found at bomb site's .... seems that some kind of chemical has been found at the house ....

stay tuned

Police state " NO direct al-qaeda connection " all 4 bombers "clean skins"

This is british people angry at our policies .. this is the proof (as if we needed any) that bush n blair's "war on terror" is creating more "Terrorist's" then they are killing

it can't be emphasized enough .. British suicide Bombers is HUGE news .. there will be a backlash now

Here And Here

US troops ordered to avoid London

"We are concerned about the safety of our folks and are trying to do what we can to protect them,"
Details of the travel ban, enforced on Friday, emerged as US President George W Bush said the US would "not retreat in the face of terrorists" .
full story Here

"London bombers are alive and planning another attack,"

BRITAIN’S terrorist alert has been raised to its highest-ever level because the London rush-hour bombers are alive and planning another attack, The Times has learnt.
is this an Exclusive or scare story ? read more Here

Another day,another town,another Bomb (Breaking News)

A bomb hidden in a dustbin has exploded in the capital of the island of Trinidad and Tobago, wounding at least 14 people, officials say Here

the "best recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda"

Sir Ivor Roberts, Britain's Ambassador to Italy, declared last September that the "best recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda" was none other than the U.S. President, George W. Bush.
Read More Here

Iraqi death's could be as high as 40,000

Nearly 40,000 Iraqis have been killed as a direct result of combat or armed violence since the US-led invasion, a figure considerably higher than previous estimates,
a Swiss institute reported. The public database Iraqi Body Count, by comparison, estimates that between 22,787 and 25,814 Iraqi civilians have died since the March 2003 invasion, based on reports from at least two media sources Here


Nine building workers have died in Iraq after being arrested on suspicion of insurgent activity and then left in a closed metal container

why do so many of the death's in Iraq seem preventable ?

yet more heartbroken families .. there is no reason for this to happen

Monday, July 11, 2005

Al-Qaeda, Taliban teaming up

A resurgent al-Qaeda terror network has teamed up with Taliban militants in Afghanistan to unleash a wave of attacks which have killed about 600 people this year, a senior government minister said

Read more Here

"Deepest denial"

"Of course those who backed the Iraq war refute any link with the London bombs - they are in the deepest denial"

Quote from the guardian Newspaper

Breaking News

16 people killed, 20 injured in a blast in Russia MOSCOW : Sixteen people were killed and 20 others injured in a blast in a shop, in Ukhta, a town in the Russian republic of Komi, Northern Urals.
''The explosion occurred at 1358 hours local time (1530 hrs IST) today,'' a spokesman for the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.
A fire started in the shop 'passage' after the explosion. The causes of the explosion were being investigated

when you run out of theories you start again at the beginning

Bombing probers hunt British cell
Recruit pattern is emerging, specialists say Boston Globe

Allawi: this is the start of civil war

“The problem is that the Americans have no vision and no clear policy on how to go about in Iraq,” said Allawi, a long-time ally of Washington.

Times Online

Prison Breakout in Afghanistan

"They all have short hair, long beards and are wearing yellow prison clothes," said Kaber Ahmad.

erm right .. ok Here

Iran "press" blame West for blasts

"the US had to create an atmosphere of terror and insecurity in London so that the G8 leaders would endorse their belligerent policies like the occupation of Iraq. "

full story Here

First london victim named as toll rises

The first victim of the London bombs has been named, as the confirmed number of dead has been raised to 52.

full story from the BBC

Assault on Iraqi army checkpoint

Gunmen have attacked an Iraqi army checkpoint north of Baghdad, killing seven soldiers BBC


US finds body of missing commando

The body of a US special forces soldier who disappeared in Afghanistan has been found, the US military has confirmed.

Link to BBC

Link of the Day

Death toll 'likely to remain at 49'

Police have given a likely final death toll of around 49 for last Thursday's terror attacks in London.

All visible bodies have been removed from the four blast sites although rescue workers were continuing to search

Learning Democracy From the Russians

"if countries were to restrict democratic liberties in response to attacks, we would be giving a great gift to the terrorists themselves because they are aiming exactly for that. They want to use the instruments of democratic society to destroy democracy."

full story The moscow times

U.K. Releases Terror Suspects

CBS news is reporting that the three "terror" suspects held today by Police in london have been released. The individuals "all British citizens" were arrested at Heathrow airport

full story from CBS

Police follow North African connection

Here is the latest theory of who the attackers are , does this deserve any more attention then any of the others .. only time will tell

London's Independent

why doesn't this get coverage !

Yet another suicide bomber Hit Iraq today , Nearly as many inocent's killed as last Thursday's horrific London bombing , is it on your television ?

More info Here

Some images from the London Bombing 7/7