Thursday, October 06, 2005

Serious threat to New York Subway ?

The Mayor of New York is giving a press conference stating the New York subway may be the target of a terrorist attack in the next few days .

Information has been given from the FBI to the New York Mayor that an attack could take place.

The FBI has said the details of the attack are clasified .....

Homeland Security official Peter King announced the development, saying: "This is a significant threat."

so the basic fear is that explosives will be carried onto the subway in a babies pram (thats a new one)

And the information comes from a number of arrests made in IRAQ and the "claimed" attack was planned in that country .

still no link between Iraq and our safety Mr Blair ?

So is this a real threat ? or another one of the hundreds of odd and obscure threats we have all had to be carefull about such as they mass invasion of crop spraying terrorists or the long term attack of cutting all the wires on the Brooklin Bridge . You see thats the problem , I hate to be Cynical but there has been so many off the wall claims about the next US attack and so often the concern happens at a time of great Presidential need that you have to think twice when you hear it .

Of course you can't just dismiss a claim such as this and I would rather be correct and cynical then wrong and an attack actually happens . But it has come to something when you have to question everything the US government tells their people incase it is is simply false .


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