Monday, October 03, 2005

EU reaches deal on Turkey talks

EU foreign ministers have reached a deal clearing the way for accession talks with Turkey to begin, EU officials have said.

Austria had demanded the EU keep open the option of "privileged partnership" for Turkey, as well as full membership.

Well done to the EU for sorting that out (well so far anyway) and for blocking what seemed like racism from Austria.

Having a Muslim majority state as part of Europe (even if it is 10 years from now) will be a positive step in helping the world defeat Muslim extremists , they border the middle east , they support moderate measures and they will be a sign to other muslim countries that a seat at the table awaits you

Of course on the other side , Turkey has lots of problems , Human rights , the Kurds , Israel , cyprus and many more , but they have shown a willingness to look at the issues and i am convinced the extra trade and status afforded by the EU will bring Turkey upto the standards expected.

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