Saturday, August 06, 2005

Flashback :Some of our weapons are missing

It may be no suprise that the Americans have been unable to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They have considerable trouble finding their own stuff .

A couple of years ago they 'lost' US$900 million of their own kit, a sum not far off the entire Iraqi military budget for the same year. Items lost include an entire missile guidance system and a number of helicopters.

In 2003 reports suggested an even bigger problem when the defence department inspectorate found the Pentagon couldn't account for a part of its US$400 billion annual budget, including fifty six aircraft , thirty two tanks and thirty six javelin missile command lanuch units ,which had simply gone missing.

With so many weapons missing and unaccounted for , it might have been more prudent for the Pentagon to start searching for their own weapons first before they began looking for Saddam's

Interesting flashback from the talent that is Bremner,Bird and Fortune 'you are here'


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