Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blair statement on the death of King Fahd

"King Fahd was a man of great vision and leadership who inspired his countrymen for a quarter of a century as King, and for many more before that. He served his country with the utmost dedication and dignity. He led Saudi Arabia through a period of unparalleled prosperity and development.
He was also a good friend of the United Kingdom. Our two countries have benefited very greatly over the years from his wise advice. Under his guidance we have developed extremely close political, commercial and defence links. They will always be seen as his legacy"

well thats Tony's statement as for my thoughts

I wish no disrespect to the departed . i will just say that as i am sure many of you know King Fahd could have his legacy described in many ways

It is a strange situation in Saudi anyway .. King Fahd has not had anything to do with running the country for many years and passed away at the age of 84

Fahd had been frail since suffering a stroke in 1995 and had delegated his powers to Crown Prince Abdullah though his actions upto 1995 are subject to many different interpretations

with the new king(Abdullah) i believe at the ripe old age of 82 this could be a turning point in the country

which way ... well if you ask me it doesnt look good


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